September 25 is looking like a fun release day

Next week, Halo 3 drops. For some reason I never really got into the Halo series until recently. I remember seeing the footage from the 1999 Macworld Expo and drooling along with the rest of the geek universe. My excitement for the title almost lead to the purchase of a new iMac. When Microsoft bought Bungie in 2000, everyone knew what was coming next – no multi-platform support. Sure enough, they used the first Halo to drive the sale of XBoxes.  When I got my 360 last year, Halo was the last thing on my mind.  My little brother, however, had become a full-on Halo fanboy.  He bought me a copy of Halo 2 which sat on my coffee table for about 9 months.  It wasn”t opened until a few weeks ago.

While I enjoy epic first-person shooters, I really didn’t “get” the whole Halo craze.  The re are MUCH better FPS engines out there (Valve’s Source engine, the Unreal engine, the Quake engine…).  Did we really need another one?  And, forgive my fanboy raving, but *real* gamers use a mouse + keyboard, not some dual-thumbstick combo.

Maybe it was the Minibosses.  Maybe it was some kind of mass-hypnosis.  Maybe it was watching Omeganauts score sweet kills on giant overhead moniters.  Whatever it was, it lead me to my local GameStop where I pre-ordered the super-mega-deluxe-12″ Dance Remix (feat. P. Diddy) foil-embossed cover version of Halo 3. Worse comes to worse, I can amuse myself by making my cats wear the Master Chief helmet.

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