Episode IV – A New Hope

For me, that was how it all began. Sitting there in the darkened theatre with my father watching those words scroll up into the blackness on that impossibly large screen. When you’re four years old, most things are impossibly large. Like the future. Back then it was as vast as the universe that Lucas threw on that screen and twice as full of wonder. It was cool.

As I got older and the future got smaller, some of the wonder started to vanish. Like Episode I, the future turned out to be boringly predictable, completely lackluster and full of shittily-rendered racial stereotypes. Most of the magic was scaled down to the level of cheap parlour tricks or replaced with low quality gadgetry. The future got pretty lame.

Someone once told me that the oriental game “Go” could be seen as a symbolic representation of the future. Before the first stone is placed on the board, the possibilities are almost endless. A million possible outcomes. Once a piece is in play, the possible outcomes are reduced significantly. Each time a move is made, the end result becomes more predictable. The possibilities decrease exponentially. Not only is it easier to guess how the game will end, it also becomes harder to change the outcome. Unless a careful player can find a chink in their opponent’s armour, they are doomed.

Recently I found that chink; that loophole. That fatal flaw that The Powers That Be is hoping I have overlooked. Very soon I’ll be able to start over – to become someone new. Imagine that for a second – the chance to start everything over. An opportunity to be who you want to be. I see my chance and I’m *not* going to let it get away.

The future just got cool again.

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