Facebook has buried the needle on my personal creepy meter

Last night I decided to re-purpose an old workstation that was collecting dust. I had read some interesting things about the crunchbang linux distro and was eager to give it a spin (side note: it’s a really cool minimalist distro that runs in under 500 MB of RAM, including MySQL). It has been years since I had booted the system and was not even sure that it would still work, but I wanted to see if there was anything on the drive that needed to be backed up.

Luckily the drive was fine. It booted into XP and soon I was going through the file system and copying data to my NAS. As I said earlier, it has been years since I had used the system and I had forgotten that I had installed the Yahoo! chat client. This client starts on boot and sits in the tray. I only really used it to communicate with my friends that had not yet switched to GMail and had almost forgotten about the associated email address.

While waiting for my files to transfer, I fired up a browser and logged in to check an event invite that I had received on Facebook. I was only logged in to the site for a few minutes. My file transfer had completed and I was ready to format the drive and install crunchbang. As I was about to shut the system down, the Yahoo! client informed me that I had received a new email in my disused Yahoo mail account. Again, I haven’t used that account in YEARS so I was curious to see what had landed in my inbox.

It was an email from Facebook.

They wanted to know if I wanted to link my Yahoo! email account with my Facebook profile.

So Facebook was able to determine that I was logged in to Yahoo’s system, harvest my email address and invite me to link my defunct identity with their system.

I’m going to assume that the Yahoo! client probably uses the same cookie store as my browser, which is how Facebook knew who I was.

So yeah. Facebook is now that crazy chick that you went out with once but wasn’t really into but won’t take the hint and just move on with the rest of her life.

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